The Evolution of a Foil Cyclist

Gone are the cycle lanes, the navigation of traffic and trails. Gone are the wakes, emissions and noise of combustion engine watercraft. However you ride, for leisure or health, there’s a surreal world out there waiting to be explored.

A Genuine Cycling Experience on Water

No Pontoons Required

Manta5’s sole purpose has been to replicate an intuitive cycling experience on water. To be nimble, fast, able to carve and drift meant not settling for bulky buoyancy, pontoons or hulls. It’s a welcome trade-off that encourages learning and improving, and ultimately to loving every session. 

Falling off and getting wet when starting out is part of the fun. In less than an hour expect to go from novice to confident. From there, add fresh and salt water to your new biking terrain.

Even in choppy conditions falling is few and far between for experienced riders. More often than not adept riders slow down to semi submerge for a quick cool off. 

Go Further on a Single Charge

Fun Fitness on the Water

When you combine human power with a 1000 Wh Hydropack Battery the result is remarkable. The SL3 boasts up to a 4.5 hour ride time* – the longest ride duration of any e-foiling product on the market today.

Very few of us can maintain 400+ watts continuously. An effective cross training tool, the variable electric assistance means foil biking is possible for the rest of us making up the difference as and when you need it.

No Wake, No Emissions, and a Quiet Ride

Environmentally Responsible

There’s a huge sense of pride to be part of the growing number of water enthusiasts driving for change in our coast lines. The shift towards environmentally conscious leisure options are happening now. Everyday we’re seeing increasing pressure on combustion engines in sensitive waters.

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