Private Lessons

Surf your Own Turf

We’re thrilled to offer lessons on your personal boat. Our package includes two certified instructors equipped with brand new Ronix gear, delivered directly to your cottage. You’re also welcome to use your own equipment if you prefer.

Our team will assist you in maximizing your boat’s capabilities, ensuring you have the best Muskoka summer experience.

Enjoy all our amenities right from the comfort of your own boat!

Private Lessons

Have Your Own Wakeboard Boat?

Activities Offered:
Wakeboarding, wake surfing, and/or waterskiing

Offered on any lake in the Muskoka region and surrounding areas

Recommended group size: 
As many people you are comfortable having in your boat, including our two instructors. We recommend no more than 3 participants per hour to ensure everyone gets enough time behind the boat. Spectators are welcome! 

Dockside Cottage Clinics

Wakeboard, Surf, or Waterski right from your dock

Our goal at Muskoka Wake is to make your watersports experience as easy and enjoyable as possible. That is why we offer dockside service, and we will pick you up on our brand new Nautique boat right from your cottage. Muskoka Wake Cottage Clinics are the perfect way to entertain guests or create memories with the family. 

No cottage? No problem. We are happy to meet at our home marinas or any public dock across our four lakes so that everyone in Muskoka has the chance to enjoy the best that summer has to offer.

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