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Wakeboarding has been around for about 30 years and has seen constant growth and progression since its inception.

Deriving from the board sports family, a mix between snowboarding and waterskiing, wakeboarding has an infinity for innovation and evolution through new tricks and unique, individual style.

A great way to spend time on the water with family and friends, wakeboarding encompasses unique expression and individual progress in a group setting.

Muskoka Wake has been built around providing reliable, knowledgeable instruction with an unmatched service,  providing our customers with the greatest success rate and experience on the water. Our team of experienced, competitive, and certified instructors allows Muskoka Wake to offer you and your group an unparalleled experience with us out on the water.

Lesson Structure

A lesson with Muskoka Wake starts with our instructors arriving with the equipment you need at your location, by boat if you are booked in for a Dockside Cottage Clinic, or by car if you are booked in for a private lesson on your wakeboard/surfing boat.

Our instructors like to get to know each student individually and gain some understanding of their sports and water background before the rider puts on the board. From there dry land training is given specific to each individuals needs, where it be going through the 3 step process of getting up on top of the water for your first time, or going through the fundamentals needed to catch your first air, land your first invert or stomp that elusive 360.

Once the rider has strapped on the board and entered the water, individual instruction and driving is given so that each participant can feel confident in the attention they are given.

Our goal at Muskoka Wake is for each student to be able to take away something positive and beneficial from each lesson with constant improvement and growth at the forefront of our service.

Can Anybody Wakeboard?

Muskoka Wake has worked with a variety of students of all ages from different levels of athletic abilities and experience with boating and watersports. We have taught students as young as three years old, up to grandparents in their late 60’s. The basics of  wakeboarding are not about strength and physical ability as much as they are about technique and proper body position. All Muskoka Wake instructions are trained on providing clear and consistent communication, specific to each individual, using comprehendible analogies as well as visual and kinesthetic instructional tools to provide each person with the best possible chance of success.

What Can Be Done On A Wakeboard?

The possibilities of what can be accomplished on a wakeboard are endless. Whether it is adding an additional rotation to a spin or an invert, adding your own style to your tricks with a new grab, or making minor alterations to a trick for increased consistency, there is no limit to the progression one can have personally or with the sport of wakeboarding as a whole.

Muskoka Wake is proud of the experience and level of instruction which we are able to provide backed by the credentials, experience and level of riding from our trained and knowledgeable staff.

Muskoka Wake’s goal is to make your first experience on the water as  successful and fun as possible, as well as help you learn that new trick for your contest pass.

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