Fun For The Whole Family.

Wakesurfing is an exhilarating watersport that combines the excitement of surfing with the smooth, endless waves created by Nautique’s wake.

No matter how young or old, boardsport background or not, Muskoka Wake is proud to boast a close to perfect success rate getting every one of our students up and on top of the water, experiencing the sensation of catching their first wave.

Whether you are learning to drop the rope and let the wave take you, or learn your first 360 or wave transfer we will help you get to the next level, and ensure you have a blast while doing it!

What is Wakesurfing?

Wakesurfing is a towed watersport performed behind a wakeboard/wakesurf specific boat such as a Malibu Wakesetter. The rider stands on a board, shaped similar to a surf board, and constructed similar to that of a wakeboard. The rider uses a short tow rope, 15-25 feet in length, to be pulled up on top of the water similar to that of wakeboarding and once the wave has been created by the displacement of the water passing under the hull, the push of the wave allows for the rope to no longer be needed and a sensation similar to that of the push of an ocean wave is mimicked.

Benefits to Wakesurfing

Because of the inherently slow speeds, of wakesurfing versus wakeboarding or waterskiing, it is much less demanding on the body. The slow speeds and disconnect with not being attached to the board, eliminate the risk of taking a bad fall which is inherent with the high speeds, and intensity of wakeboarding and skiing.

The slower speeds and close proximity to the boat promote a social environment, exponentially increasing the quality of time, and enjoyment, spent on the water with family and friends.  This makes wake surfing a great activity for you and your friends or the whole family.

Where is Best To Try Wakesurfing?

Wakesurfing is best to try on a lake, which has ample amount of space between shorelines. Because of the integrated ballast systems and surf system technology, wakeboard and wakesurf specific boats produce abnormally large wakes and waves. It is best to be in a large open area away from shorelines or potential obstacles such as rocks, fallen trees, buoy markers, etc. The Muskoka lakes provide a great environment to learn and try wakesurfing as there is plenty of space out in the open bodies of water, as well as lost of wind protected areas dude to the islands channels, and secluded bays.

Is Wakesurfing Dangerous?

Like any activity which involves a motorized vehicle or the water has its risks associated with each, however wakesurfing has proven to be a safe water sport with less injuries resulting that other towed watersports or boardsports.

A common concern is the rider running into the back of the boat, or the close proximity to the engine and propeller, however with proper instruction and equipment both concerns need not to be a worry as both instructional service providers and boat manufactures have taken the necessary steps to ensure that the location of the drive train and the close proximity to the boat are not a worry.

Like any new sport which has its inherent risks, it is best to try wakesurfing with proper instruction from certified, knowledge coaches with well maintained wakeboard and surf specific equipment.

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