Keep Calm and Ski On!

Water skiing has been around for almost a century, making it one of the most timeless water sports and one of Muskoka’s oldest traditions!  

Gliding behind the boat across the surface of the water wearing what looks like two snow skis, water skiing is one of the simplest water sports to learn (for any age) while also providing ample room for progression.  

Regardless of your water skiing ability, Muskoka Wake will help you get to the next level and have the most fun while doing it!

What Can Be Done on Skis?

Skiing is a very addictive water sport with lots of room for progression.  Once the rider becomes comfortable getting up and gliding behind the boat on their two skis, crossing back and forth over the wake is the next step.  From there, we say bye to one ski!  With one foot behind the other on the remaining ski, we now enter slalom skiing territory.

What is Slalom Skiing?

Slalom skiing is one of the most popular skills for skiers once they are comfortable on the two skis.  From first learning to drop a ski, to getting up on one ski, to perfecting that carve and maximizing that big spray, slalom skiing becomes a fierce sport that water sport enthusiasts continue to love. 

Lesson Structure

To start, dry land demonstration is given to the rider on the back of the boat.  We mimic the pull up feel the rider will experience and go over the proper positioning once the rider is on the water.  Throughout the lesson, constant coaching will be given, and not to mention, any of our highly skilled staff is ready at any moment to assist the skier in the water as well.  The instructors will have different sized skis with adjustable bindings depending on the size of the rider. For children, we like to start them off with skis attached together at the front with a bar – this helps little children keep their skis together while learning to get up! Our goal is to have every skier learn a new skill/progress every time they get out on the water!

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